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Product name:Teflon composite pipe seal - threaded DIN standard

Teflon composite pipe seal is an improved product on pure rubber seal ring and pure PTFE seal ring, combining the advantages of the two products. Namely, EPDM rubber is used as the matrix, and the outer layer is made of Japanese Daikin M112 tetrafluoroethylene with 0.3mm thick and excellent ductility.
Because tetrafluoroethylene (plastic king) has good corrosion resistance (almost resistant to all chemicals); Good ductility (under the ultra-high pressure test, the 10mm thick tetrafluoroethylene ring can be squeezed into a long sheet of paper without breaking); Food grade. The elasticity of this product is provided by the matrix EPDM, and the tetrafluoroethylene sheet contacts the medium in the pipeline, which not only ensures that the rubber will not be corroded by the medium, but also ensures that the rubber will not fall into the product after being damaged, causing the risk of foreign matters. The improvement effect on food safety is very obvious.

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